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September 12, 2001

Seven Continents Join 2002 Global Art Project for World Peace
-Antarctica Participates in International Art Event-

Tucson, Arizona, September 12, 2001. “McMurdo Base in Antarctica has confirmed its participation in the 2002 Global Art Project. Now artists on all seven continents will participate in this international event to promote world peace,” says Project Founder/Director Katherine Josten, a Tucson-based artist.

The Global Art Project invites participants around the world—groups and individuals—to join
in a multicultural expression of global love and friendship through art. Anyone can participate.

Since it’s beginning in 1994, the Project has joined together over 40,000 participants. The fifth biennial Global Art Project will occur in March/April 2002. Participants around the world will create, exhibit and exchange art expressing their ideas of a peaceful global community – resulting in thousands of messages of global love and friendship simultaneously encircling the Earth during the week of April 23-30.

Over 50 Regional Coordinators are currently helping to organize in their area of the world. Project organizers are soliciting additional Regional Coordinators to distribute information and organize exhibitions in their local communities. Participating groups include art councils, artist cooperatives, music and dance groups, churches, environmental and community groups, Big Sisters, Boy Scouts, hospitals, women’s clubs, youth programs, and YMCAs. Hundreds of schools in locations around the world will participate and will involve thousands of students from kindergarten through graduate school. The Project will connect people of diverse cultural backgrounds, providing exposure to new ideas and a feeling of connection to the Whole. “People joined together with a clear intent have an incredible power to affect the world. The Global Art Project helps to heal on a personal, community and global level. The process begins by creating a personal expression of love from the heart, sharing it with the local community, and then sending it off to the global community.” says Josten.

In the words of one 10 year-old participant, “I drew a picture of the Earth, and then a bunch of different types of people—short, tall, black, white—holding hands around the world. Holding hands is a sign of peace. People can’t fight if they’re holding hands.”

To take creative action for peace NOW, participate in Let’s All Join Hands: Trace around your hand on a piece of paper. Color both sides of the paper hand and cut it out. Write your wish for global peace and your name and country in your native script on the hand. You may add art or you can leave it simple. Send it to the Global Art Project address below. Volunteers will join your hand with thousands of other hands as a tangible representation of the people around the world who join their energy together NOW to create a peaceful future.

The Global Art Project is a non-profit, grass-roots organization. Organizers invite your donations and sponsorships to support the Project. For additional information about the Global Art Project and how you can participate and help, visit www.global-art.org or send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Global Art Project, PO Box 40445, Tucson, AZ 85717, USA. Tel: (520) 628-8353. Email: . All donations are fully tax deductible.

2002 Global Art Project Time-Line
1. February 28: Registration postmark deadline.
2. March: Creation of art expressing global unity, any medium—visual, literary, performance, etc.
3. April 1-22: Local community exhibitions/performances of art created.
4. April 23-30: Worldwide art exchange.
5. Ongoing: Community exhibitions of art received.
Visions of Global Unity: Inspired Images from the Global Art Project a postcard book of 30 images from the first exchange in 1994 is sold through the United Nations Bookshop, NY and through the Global Art Project.

Images on the Global Art Project website at www.global-art.org may be downloaded for
publication with this press release. Interviews with individuals and /or groups and further documentation of the complete project are available upon request.

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