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January 1, 2000

International Art Event Promotes World Peace

The fourth biennial Global Art Project (GAP) invites people from around the world to join together in a multicultural celebration of peace expressed through art.

Beginning in March 2000, individuals and groups will create art expressing their personal visions of global unity for display in the participants' local communities. During the week of April 23-30, these newly created art works will travel from one person to another -- resulting in thousands of messages of peace and friendship simultaneously encircling the Earth. The Global Art Project headquarters will organize the worldwide exchange by linking registrants one-to-one, or group-to-group. GAP participants are invited to create their ideas of global unity in any medium that can be sent from one person or group to another. This includes visual or literary art and audio or video tapes. The art each participant sends is a "gift of global friendship" for theartist in another part of the world to keep. Likewise, the art each participant receives is his or hers to keep.

Since the first Global Art Project exchange in 1994, the project has successfully united over 30,000 participants on six continents. Participating groups have included art councils, artist cooperatives, choral and dance groups, churches, environmental organizations, community groups, Big Sisters, Boy Scouts, hospitals, women's clubs, youth programs, and YMCA's. Many schools in locations around the world have participated involving thousands of students from kindergarten through graduate school. Today, the project continues to promote World Peace by connecting people of diverse cultural backgrounds, providing exposure to new ideas and a feeling of connection to the whole. In the words of one 10 year-old participant, "I drew a picture of the Earth, and then a bunch of different types of people--short, tall, black, white--holding hands around the world. Holding hands is a sign of peace. People can't fight if they're holding hands."

"The Global Art Project exemplifies in concrete form that we can be different and unique yet act together as integral members of one living organism-Earth. The energy created by all these people sharing their visions with the intent of producing a peaceful, united world is a catalyst for that to happen. People joined together with a clear intent have an incredible power to change the world," according to GAP Founder/Director Katherine Josten, an Arizona artist.

Registrations for participation must be postmarked by February 14, 2000. The Global Art Project is seeking donations to help support the 2000 exchange. A book of thirty full-color postcards Visions of Global Unity: Inspired Images from the Global Art Project is available with all proceeds being used to support the project. For more information about the Global Art Project or the book, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to: Global Art Project, PO Box 40445, Tucson, AZ 85717, USA. (520) 628-8353. Email: .

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