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2006 Gallery

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Le Conto Elementary School Mural Art Project
with the direction of Eduardo Diaz
Berkeley, CA, USA

“This peace of art is part of our mural art project in our Elementary School Le Conte, in Berkeley, CA. It is still in process. We hope to collect enough funds to paint it in our playground this year 2006.

This tiny bottle contains sand from the beach of Berkeley and in is holding by a container with a lucky coin that carrie our better wishes for you. Many of these coins were collected from the street because many people did not want them. But this coins together can buy food for many people that suffer the harassment of our society. We hope you like them. Thank you very much to be our contac in this Global Art Project for Peace. Sincerely, Eduardo Diaz, Visual Artist and Director of the Mural Project”

This artwork was sent to a group in Kathmandu, Nepal.

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