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2006 Gallery

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World Global Peace
Adirondack Residential Center Students
Teacher: Donna Fessette
Schuyler Falls, NY, USA

“We all live on one earth, feel the heat from one sun, gaze at one moon; therefore, we must all be one people, supporting the same cause, ‘World Global Peace’. This art was created as a pillow that was sent to Caritas Altenheim St. Josephs in Traunrent, Germany. It was also a quilt block in ‘The Plattsburgh Peace Quilt Project’ sponsored by The Red Hummingbird Foundation with the wish, ‘May this energy and work support a world-wide dream of peace!’”

“Peace Sign” by Victoria Watts, Champlain, NY. Victoria’s pillow was sent to an art student at Strathroy Community Christian School in Strathroy, Ontario, Canada.

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