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Fly Away Home
Jim Brodie, Leading Vocational Teacher, Faculty of Creative Industries, The Southbank Institute
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

“My image for the 2006 Global Peace Project consists of a pair of doves on a railing in front of suburban gardens with a rainbow, the moon and two pairs of birds in flight in the background.

I used doves as a traditional symbol for peace. The suburban gardens represent the local, as opposed to the global, and the rainbow is a symbol of transient states of beauty and concepts such as global peace. Finally the birds in flight represent the individual’s striving to achieve these concepts. The title is appropriated from the Rasta Man Chant, a traditional Jamaican Rasta hymn I heard sung by Bob Marley and the Wailers many years ago. The chorus of the song is as follows:

I say fly away home to Zion
fly away home
one bright morning when my work is over
man will fly away home

I don’t pretend to understand the Rasta theology; however I assume the song refers to some form of faith and redemption. This, to me, represents the concept of global peace.”

Jim Brodie

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