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2006 Gallery

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Vision for Hope and Peace
Katie Buntine, Student at Southbank Institute
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

“The idea for my artwork was to express a simple understanding about what world peace is. I took the photo of my sister Kimberly in her room. The silver ball was hung up above her bed. I copied the picture of the dove and pasted it on to the new image. I used the magic wand to erase the background, and copied and pasted the photo next to the silver ball. My idea for the bird was to express love and freedom for the world and people too. I copied the second picture of the world from a web site, and pasted it onto the new image. I again used the magic wand to erase the background, and pasted the world on the silver ball. The world expresses peace. The model in the image expresses hope and peace. My image was to express the hope for world peace.” Katie Buntine

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