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2006 Gallery

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Rachel Bowers
Hagerstown, MD, USA

“THE LAST UNEXPLORED FRONTIER: INNERSPACE…When I find PEACE within MYSELF, then I will find PEACE all around me.”

The figures in the center of the mandala design actually form 4 superimposed crosses. That was unintentional; but just happened as a result of the design of the figures in attitudes of meditation and prayer.

Meditation and prayer are two paths through which we can seek and find inner peace.

“Imagine what it would be like if every person on earth would seek and find inner peace. Surely, it would lead to the end of all wars.

The peace doves, which symbolize a circle of peace all around the center in this design, viewed from a distance, take on the appearance of stylized lotus petals. Different aspects of the lotus are used by some as a visualization tool, while meditating on balancing the body’s energy centers or chakras. Balance in body, mind, and spirit are all crucial to finding inner peace.” Rachel Bowers

Rachel has participated in every Global Art Project exchange since the first exchange in 1994.

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