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Kasia Wojnarski
Carson, WA, USA

“Thank you so much for the Global Art Project. This is my 2nd year participating, and I got matched up with a fellow named Brahim from Morocco. Brahim and I have exchanged numerous emails about our life and experiences. It may prove to be a lasting friendship. I am greatly enjoying learning about his culture.

I am enclosing a photo of the art I created for Brahim. It is a wall hanging made of steel and semi-precious stone beads—turquoise, jasper, and jade. This piece was inspired by the sacred mandalas of the Dali Lama. The geometry is intended to draw the eye towards the center which, in this case, is a turquoise sphere that represents the earth, in perfect unity.

Brahim shared his interpretation of the piece, and I found his thoughts to be especially intuitive and inspiring. His insights read deeply into the art. I thank you, and look forward to my next Global Art Project!”

Kasia Wojnarski

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