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The Light of Truth
Lisa Maxine Kjernisted
Sidney, BC, Canada

“Recently, while on a trip to Botanical Beach on the west coast of Vancouver Island, BC, Canada, I was inspired to photograph a 'sunbow' which looks like a rainbow but is created by the sun instead. In the image I captured, the sunbow circled the sun. Being deeply connected to the spirituality of Mother Earth, as well as to the elements of wind, water and fire, I intuitively brought together the sun, the concept of seeds and an impression of a creator for my Global Art Project for Peace. This artwork is entitled ‘The Light of Truth’.

It is interesting to note that in traditional North Coast native mythology, the Sun was stolen back by Raven so the people could prosper once again. We all need sunlight to sustain us, thus the sun represents one of the givers of life. I incorporated the concept of seeds to symbolize new beginnings, as well as the inherent circular design of the sunbow to symbolize unity. I believe if we, as a human race, collectively choose the seeds of truth, over deceptive policies which undermine peaceful relations, then the need to harshly judge and/or suppress each other, acts which often lead to war, would evaporate. Rather, harmonious co-existence could prosper, as a result of bearing The Light of Truth. May your spirit be strong…”

Lisa Maxine Kjernisted

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