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Visualize Peace
Lori Keeling Campbell
Bozeman, MT, USA

Excerpt from Lori’s letter to her GAP partner in Morocco, “I am a 41 year old artist living in Bozeman Montana (USA). I am married with no children, and live on ‘a mountain’ with two dogs and two cats. I went to an art college where I studied illustration and graphic design. I have been making prints for many years. I’m sending you a linoleum reduction print (black oil based ink on paper.) I have used paint and markers to color the print.

My idea is that if we all concentrate and hope and strive for peace, it is possible! I hope you enjoy the artwork. I’d love to visit Morocco some day. (I’ve never been to another continent.) I love all the pattern in the art from your country! I can’t wait to hear about your life and to see your artwork!!!!

Wishing you…Peace, Luck & Love! Lori Keeling Campbell”

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